The term ideology alone says it all, it is an ideal on which one hopes to build their life and society. An idea, an opinion, a thought that people like to think of repeatedly because it makes them feel good. And yet you cannot build a society or a civilisation entirely on an ideology - some people are convinced that it is the only way we can do it even if they are not aware of it. This is a dangerous way to be.

The problem is a simple one that has two factors to it.

Firstly, A strict ideology tries to define the world in clear cut and knowable parameters. The universe will never allow this to happen. There is always two sides to every story. Ideology tries to provide a solution that while logical on the surface is ultimately irrational in practice. To reduce the human condition down to basic data and variables like a scientific endeavour. It is perfectly natural for people to measure and define things, it is one of the most curious an interesting parts of people. But it is another to use this information to contrive, control and exploit a system. This is what ideology will ultimately try to do.

To put your faith into an information system so that you can control said system is a foolish thing to do. It maintains the position that everything is knowable and thus if you know how it works, you know how to control it. Yet people are flawed and the information we collect is flawed. Humans are petty, caring, vengeful, loving, greedy, thoughtful creatures. These are all things we just barely understand in even the most cursory of fashions, and yet we try to build entire nations on the idea that we have got the entire play book right.

Secondly, we are sure we know what is good for us and that is something that we can never truly grasp. For every time we try to do something 'good' it ends up back firing and making bigger issues. Things that we see as inherently bad can eventually fix a lot of problems in the world.

A pro-natalist is all for everyone having children and as many as possible and yet this is leading us into a world of excessive population and resource depletion. Nobody wants to have a war or a plague that kills millions of people and but it would reduce our population and free up resources so that other may live better lives or live at all.

Everything that we feel is a negative is a solution to our problems. Everything that we see as a negative today generally started as a good thing. The old saying is, The road to Hell is paved with good intentions - many do not realise just how truthful that is.

Is there an ideology can tie these together and keep everyone happy? No, there is no way for there to be one. We can measure the world but it cannot be put into an intellectual box. The idea that the boarders on the map actually control how the physical world behaves and yet this is what Ideologies try to do. To mistake the menu for the meal.

No ideology has ever set the world straight, no revolution ever lasted more than a brief blink in the history of man kind. And when the limits of growth of man kind come to bare; that is when these mental system will be challenged. It is those that keep these limitations in their heads as an ideal to target, they will be the ones that will suffer the most or cause the most suffering. The revolution that is internal, spiritual if you will is the one that will be able to make real change. To challenge how you assume the world and you being a part of it works. If you can get past that then you might just be able to begin to grasp doing something that will just barely make the smallest change.

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