Post activism

Post activism

Post-activism is not walking away from the left or the right, it is walking away from the importance of all sides of politics. Away from pure identification via politics and onto the focus of what is truly knowable and actionable. This is a very vaguely related addition to the limitations of ideologies. In some part this is Empiricism, a splash of centrist, a sprinkle of pessimism and a little hint of scepticism. (I will talk about scepticism in more detail in a later article). It is a way of seeing the world in a more basic and elemental fashion and by elemental I mean that more in a pagan sense than scientific.

This is not to say that politics are not important and should be disposed of, it is to say that they are not the end-all element that determines civilisation. It is a by product of civilisation, not the sole driving agent. Political power while powerful is a limited role. To see it as the only role or element is to blind yourself to how a complex society works. If you think that by simply fixing a political system so that we can fix the worldly issues then you will be let down as it will inevitability fail. There is the old adage, 'it you have a hammer, everything is a nail' - in this sense, 'if you think its political, than politics can fix everything'.

This goes to the heart of political revolutions. They never work because they are attempting to overthrowing a system to gain a level of control that it never had. What power it does have was barely controllable in the first place as it is a side effect of the people.

To see the endless protests on the streets about the flavor of the month issue is the most visually apparent manifestation that there is still whole hearted belief in the power of the political system over the fundamental limits of the physical world. That to protest an idea and to have the action come from the top down is enough to make a real world change rather than actually making the change themselves at a personal level. To say that inequality is entirely an economic problem and not a resource problem.

This is where the post-activist comes in. Someone that has seen how anaemic the impact of the power system is and have decided to take the issues into their own hands. To live a life in tune with the real world rather than the theoretical. A simple form of this means stepping away from the mental impact of the modern issues as dictated by those trying to force a point and instead focusing on what direct impacts can be observed and immediately acted on at a personal level. A more intense example of this would be the 'Off Grid' movement trying to detach from the whole system.

About the most potent example of this is 'The Dark mountain project'. A bunch of post-environmental activists and artists that have realised that the movement(s) they were involved in eventually achieved almost nothing. Because the political will is lacking, the political power is weak, the ability to change the system would do nothing or ultimately it was co-opted into something that went against their ideals and goals.

To promote the idea that focusing on the vague and abstract will be the thing that will ultimately undoes civilisation. While there are social issues that need to be addresses, there are much bigger more fundamental issues that will impact every aspect of life before hand, ones that we should be focusing on first; regardless of what those in power say should be done.

In regard to those in political power. They are probably put at ease when there are protests in the streets. It is when they disappear that they know the time for talk is over and action is about to be forced. That is when people have gone post-activist and into pro-action. When people on mass wake up to this then true action can be made to change the world.

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