New Elders

New Elders

I must define is what an elder is from my perspective. Age is typically a big part of it and this is because most people that act like an elder are typically much older people. What is more important than the age is the attitude.

An elder is one that has forgone the frivolous in exchange for greater understanding. Fame, fortune, sex and vanity are no long driving participatory factors in their lives. They live to guide society for which they will never reap the direct benefits from.

That is not to say they do not enjoy these things when they are present, but they are not dependent and controlled by these things.

Some people in their 20's are Elders, others in their 90's who have never lived a life self explored – they will probably only become an elder in the final minutes of their lives, too late to tell any one about it.

To become an elder isn't to grant you any extra power, it is to understand the bigger picture of flow without events – even with fuzzy details this is something of extreme value. There are many people aiming to change the world but don't even have this vague grasp. They try to focus on every little issue that comes their way but never produce any kind of consistent goal or change of any kind.

While there is the issue of whether they do something that is actually good or not is questionable. Others judge others. Self judgement is near impossible without an other to reflect off.

Aim to be an elder, to drop the ego manifestation and help others not just to help yourself. To become aware of the world and make other aware. This is not positive or negative but to have an honest view and relationship with the world. From experience, thought and contemplation.

As much as one will want to become an elder, it is not something that can be forced. It comes from deep understanding not rampant intellectual might. You don't teach it, it is learned from yourself. Like trying to hold onto a soap bar by holding on as hard as possible, the more you try to grasp it the more likely it will slip out of your hands.

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