I will be wrong

I will be wrong

For everything I write here, I will eventually be wrong. There are not statements that can be made in words or symbols that can be any more true than a rock hitting a tree; that is a non-fallible truth.

I write a little bit every month but there isn't always much cross-thought. By that I mean there is not always a heavy amount of self criticism. That one can look back and know that what was written is something that you now consider wrong is a sign of personal growth. Like looking back on your past and cringing is a sign that you have moved one from past experiences.

Keep in mind, not just for my writings but also others, with time we will all be wrong. Not because we are just ignorant but because using symbols to communicate will always over simplify even the most (apparently) simple thing of the universe.

I have seen writers who in time have gone on to rip out entire chapters, regret whole books or just wish the works were never written in the first place. For as much as the regret hurts, not realising these problems would be far worse.

Maybe there is some great wisdom to Socrates, that wisdom that Plato over ruled, maybe it is best not to write anything down and just be verbal. To leave no traces. I will still write but only knowing that with time even these words will be forgotten to time as natures chaos over rules everything.

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