Bound by gravity

Bound by gravity

Limits are wonderful things, they force us to confront that which we do not want to indulge in. Limits are also what gives the world strength and definition. You do not go plummeting through he floor into the centre of the earth is because of limits, I think we are all grateful for that.

I have mentioned before the 'Growth of Limits', that was about resources, however from another angle it can be said is it the reduction of desires. A key part of Buddhism, desires create expectations, expectations create unhappiness. If you do not expect anything, you cannot be disappointed – this can create the mental block of trying to do away with desires. It doesn't work like that. The more you push it away the worse it shall get. The more you push against a spring the more it will try to retaliate. A universal law.

Gravity bounds us to earth, it forces us to interact, learn and live with each other. I do not mean this in an 'all good and happy' kind of way, I mean this in that we live with each other and we die with each other. It means that we cannot partake in the most damaging of behaviours without some blow back from others or the environment. It also means the opposite. For all the efforts of people trying to leave the planet to get away from it all, they give up a lot in order to do it. In having everything around you, you take the good with the bad.

Limits drive people, creatures and life to do things, to grow. To go beyond the comfort zone and try new things.

A snail makes shell to protect itself because of its limits. A Gorilla is strong but lacks finesse in finer movement. Give an artist and unlimited range to work with and they will be stumped. Give them a target and they will shine. Take away Cabbages from society, people will figure out an alternative or do without.

Necessity is the mother of invention and limits create necessity.

When you are caged in by limited that is the sole force provide motive to change, to improve.

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