You will see people that are seeking enlightenment. Satori, Chan, Moksha - whatever they may call it - it is the craving of trying to get a nugget of truth that will set their life straight and right. To do away with pain and problems and live in total bliss. Maybe you are one of these people. It is funny just how close they are to the truth and yet so completely far away. To seek something by going to massive efforts even though the answer is right in front of them the whole time.

When you see someone crawling on their belly to get to some holy destination or holding their arm in the air for 20 years to avoid future pain, don't look to them but look to the Guru (that they appointed). The guru's are having a ball by setting people out to do all sorts of silly things simply because the student thinks it will get them closer to "that thing". A 'Roshi' will make the students sit for 10 hours a day, hitting them with sticks if they waver in their "goal" of not being focused on the case that has been given to them. Try to bamboozle them when they cannot give the answers that please them. To criticism them even when they give the right answer. In that interaction is the truth of it all.

The mythologica that surrounds the idea that people need to be enlightened is a fun one because all people are already there, they just don't know it yet. This is where all the tricks come from. Those that have been allocated teachers by potential students, they completely get the idea that it is all a joke. If you want a good night – hang out with the teacher because they understand just how near and immediate it all is, despite how serious they may appear, they are the biggest jokers of the bunch.

There is the image that someone who is "freed from them selves" should be someone that has no physical needs and that is a deceptive but wonderful image to push. It is in the same order of a trap to a bug. It is entire honest and yet it doesn't give away the real meaning being portrayed. To convince others that you can do away with X, Y & Z and that is where the bliss is, there might be something to it but there is no way it can be demonstrated or have a detailed game plan for it to be imparted onto others. To do away with desire cannot be pushed into place, it just happens. If someone has it figured out then the rest of it will merely follow. To force it is to miss the point and those that try to force it do miss the point.

And then there is the issue that those that push the idea of enlightenment and yet cannot agree on what they are selling between them... I will leave that for you to figure out because this is a personal issue not a public one. In general if someone is trying to sell you something to give you spiritual freedom, the only thing they will liberate you from is a lot of money and leave you more confused than when you began. There is nothing wrong with being paid to provide a service but those that make a living off of this are rarely giving you the truth up front. It is rare you find someone that will flat out tell you the truth, they are going to take your wallet and then ask you for a reward for returning it to you.

Someone that can do that is truly enlightened...

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