Given enough time in a certain situation we will experience two separate different and yet related concepts. Firstly that we accept the world as it is, a dynamic and hanging masterpiece of luck and laws. Secondly that we cannot see everything exactly as it is. A bird has Tetrachromacy, the ability to see the world in a way we don't and yet it is always there. We see it as it is from out point of view and yet we miss its true reality. To have a mental Tetrachromacy, the ability to think beyond just the world we immediately perceive, this can be something that will allow more understanding about how the world stands today.

This goes for everything. It is impossible to see or think of the world in any one model that will encompass it all. This was the fault of the ancient Greeks and the use of logic. You can only use what you directly experience for so long until it eventually breakdown with an alternative point of view or alternative knowledge. As CG Jung said "A shoe that is comfortable to one person, can pinch another". This is something that many people forget to take into account in their daily living and when interacting with the world.

Despite the way you and others see things, there are other ways to see the world. The difference between a positive and a negative is merely another point of view. A good accountant can make something look good or bad merely based on the point of view taken. We need to seek knowledge in almost anything we interact with and see so that we can at least get a glimpse of these hidden points of view. We do not have to completely understand them or agree with them but to merely acknowledge this is a start and does far better than most people have done in history. To be accepting to the other rather than to be stubborn.

For everything I write here, I will eventually be wrong. There are not statements that can be made in words or symbols that can be any more true than a rock hitting a tree; that is a non-fallible truth.

That many do not even consider this is the mentality of the virtuous. To go against the grain and try and force the world into their mould. When things do not go their way, that is when true pain can occur.

Additional Note: In this regards to this subject I will recommend a standard piece of work in the field of Stoicism. A good read is the book 'Meditations' by Marcus Aurelius. Contemplate and mediate on this work, we what you agree and disagree and use that for yourself.

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