Lessons in Nature

Lessons in Nature

A point of view that I see is those who talk about learning from nature but completely miss the point of this statement. Folks that look to nature and then cherry pick the details to match what they want to see in it. The idea of just picking what is appealing and then avoiding the facts that are considered nasty to our personal values. To use nature as a Jungian Shadow archetype for their own desires.

These writings of mine come under the title 'Wisdom of the wild', the idea that there are many lessons to be learnt from the world around us and I stand by this but this also includes what we consider the dark side of nature. That is the uncaring and selfish side of it all - the parts that don't co-operate with life but merely function for their own means, even against life itself.

As examples; people like to see the symbiosis of Bees and flowers in creating more plants and hives for bees, this is the aspiration of co-operative progress. But a lot of these folks will ignore the harsh realities of pack thrill kills, when creature go out to kill others far in excess of their energy needs merely for fun. The role of a parasites in feeding off other creatures, sometime to the death of the host. This also extends to feeling of when someone see road kill because of our expansion into the wild but then also fail to see the world in which it is a kill or be killed situation. I am not endorsing this level of expansion but am merely pointing out that a lot of admiration for an entirely positive nature is a cleaned up, filtered and modernised, and that the idea of nature has become a product that can be sold rather than something to be a part of. The key elements of nature (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire) can be heart less and cruel and that has to be acknowledged.

We owe it nothing and it owes us nothing. We can thrive or be wiped out without a single thought being involved. To acknowledge that is to operate on equal and negotiable terms. It is like a business deal, if one side is trying to always be holier-than-thou and is trying to spin a negative deal as being a nothing but positive, then you know that you are being taken for a ride and it is impossible to negotiate or find commons standing ground. But if the deal is completely honest, “We are going to have to screw over a few people to get what we want”, and that this is meant in an entirely honest manner, then everyone can at least figure out how they want to progress without going into fantasy. This is the way we need to see the natural world, not as a glossed over modernised fairy tale, but as the realistic, gritty and dirty place it is. A place were there isn’t always justice, a clean ending or a goal of any sorts.

I am not endorsing the ideas Dominionism, the religious idea that the world is ours for the taking. Nor am I suggesting that it is entirely cold and calculating like a computer but I am suggesting that we have to be completely realistic in the operations of nature. That is to accept all angles of it, good, bad and indifferent. It is once we have a clearer understanding of it that we can operate within this structure and not independently of it.

Many do understand this, especially those that have been through geologic natural disasters but these can be forgotten thanks to modern luxuries and the folly of the human mind.

It is the insecurity of man kind and the sense of hubris that allow folks to worship an invisible god, destroying nature along the way while blissfully unaware that they are the same thing. That loss of reverence for all facets has been a disaster we have progressed into. To tear down the world in the name of “The Enlightenment” while they are also tearing down their future. To worship only the things the reflects humans but not that which made us. We have become self obsessed and are looking in the mirror non-stop. It is one thing to be at ease with yourself, it is another be hyper focused at the expense of everything else.

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