A Dream

A Dream

With the passing of Ram Dass, I figured a small free form thought flow would work here.


A dream of the world, the world of which we are. Of a world of freedom, the ability to meander like a leaf on the wind with no purpose in mind. To be the rock, the water, the sky, the stars, the everything – not to control it but to just be it.

Be honest, flexible, horrible, happy, to be - for those that need or want it. If I can lend a hand, I will but the dark that drenches the world like a soggy paint brush over the sky is one that cannot be separated by mere will. I yearn, I feel, I need it. I will never have it and yet I have it. Here it is, enjoy.

To remove the paint of intellectual obscurity and to dance in the spectrum of the relieved sunset, that is all that is needed to know. Finding the next bend in the river, having the rain drizzle through the leaves like a mist, it is there to remind you of the infinite complexity of it all.

Every affair fleeting. Thoughts, ideas, societies, people - all temporary.

That life prepares for death so that death can prepare for life. To see self and universe as the two sides of a Möbius strip. To walk each other home to the end. The Illusions that there are two sides of a single entity.

That mental strain that is full of vein, to understand the limitless that we are and how we cannot perceive this. We are the limits of limitlessness.

This is the dream that we will never know and yet we all know it. There is nothing that can be tough in this respect. We all do it, so long as we want to wake up to it.

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