Land of Wind, Fire and Time

Land of Wind, Fire and Time

Land as old as time. It is weathered, beaten and shaped as a tangential dream, like nowhere else with an undertone of delicate fury that few understand. With time comes the fire and with the fire time is made immediate, present and poignant.

The beast has been awoken, it breaths and howls like a nightmarish banshee, slowly consuming everything it touches without intellectual rhyme or reason. It is not new, it merely lays in the shadows of our minds, it is an action as old as time itself and yet it had been unknowingly resting. It is ever present way of the land - only it had been asleep, merely awoken from its slumber with a stunned call to action from the winds themselves. Not through malice or contempt but through self righteous virtue was this same dry wind fuelled event. In trying to make the world of man the only means by which we live, we have ignored our place in the world and it is setting us straight. To build our own fragile world in the midst of the chaos, thinking it was a stable eternaty. Teaching us a lesson that we are not the rulers, but our place in the grand scheme is on the rickety boardwalk on which we truly stand. It is fragile and has no qualms with casting us aside.

There is an unspoken sense of fear, that the fables of the eternal is crumbling and that the immutable gods can not only die but it is us that is doing it. The natural world we so desperately tried to escape, to set ourselves apart from everything else, that illusion is breaking down not with a gradual awakening but with a sudden crash of the dirty humble truth. Heaven has been bulldozed for the sake of a short term party, exciting as it may be, the hang over hurts and it is only getting worse.

There is blood on the hands of everyone that ignored the subtle hushed screams of the world, the scream that is getting louder and more lucid by the day. And yet for the planet and most life on it, this it is but a small bruise. Something to be brushed off and to move on. It is us that will be the ones who fear the fate to befall us. I live in this land of fire but I also realise that it is the land of time. That is, all these changes that happen today will be brushed off by deep time. The world has seen worse and will experience worse yet to come and it is fine, Gaia is tough. We are not. General purpose survivalists until the end but that road to the end is fraught with challenges that few can comprehend.

My home today, tomorrow your home and eventually the world. A joke of cosmic blow back from centuries of hubris and arrogance. If we don’t learn the lesson, continue to plug our ears and dazzle the eyes with distraction then it is only a matter of time until the wind and the fire render our time increasingly finite.

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