March 2018 - Sensitive Aspects

Sensitive Aspects

There are some people out there that are so convinced that they are real and that they have to change the world for the better that they will be the ones the end up destroying everything on the planet.

These are the people that you see around wearing business suits with button up shirts done right up to the chin, emblazoned with a company logo and are very serious about everything. The folks that are out waving around their giant bombs or demanding change of all sorts of issues. Rather than flow with life, they try to swim against it, grapple it and wrestle it to the ground to say "I am here and I control this". And yet for all the control they think they have, they have no more than an ant, a rock or a whisper on a breeze. The people convinced that the world, life, the universe and everything in it is absolutely 100% real. Not a single shred of doubt that they could just be an illusion along with the rest of the universe.

It is a curious element of the era of man kind, to be bold and serve the ego bouncing around in the head rather than be tame and be part of the world. It is to be the individual as a judge, jury and executioner all in favour of said individual. To scream at the world and dominate for fear that the world will not cave to them. The joke is that it will not cave to them, at most it will curve slightly and then bounce bake and shake them off like a flea on a dog.

Blaise Pascal said it best "All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.". In other words, we cannot help our selves and go out to make trouble. We try to go insane for fear we will just be crazy.

We don't need more muscle flexing, atom splitting and oil burning. We need more sensitivity in all aspects. By changing the inner space of people, the outer space will in turn benefit at least at the scale of Earth for the moment.

Rather than blast a hole in the ground to get some mineral or hydro carbon concoction trying to obtain maximum speed or some thing that produces all manner of nasty side effects; Try to be a little more granular and strive for a more sensitive solution. A solar panel doesn't set rivers on fire. It sips on the sun light, makes some energy that eventually get released again. Don't get in a big noisy car to get a box of hot dogs, a bike to the fruit store is probably a better alternative. Yes, I type this on a machine made out of hydro carbons and minerals but at least they were made into something much more subtle. It is easier for me to type this and be shot around the world via electrons than it is to print it on the paper of a thousand trees.

To restrict and imprison people because they have a different non-violent belief is an abhorrent action. Listen and study what they say and do not force your idea onto them. If they don't force them on you and you do the same then a wonderful situation can arrive of mutual difference. blatant denial of truths helps no one but to actively fight it in a physical sense would only bring misery to everyone.

Maybe it is not a good idea to send a man to Mars all for the glory of some base tribal instinct. Sending robots like we have been is amazing! We can study and explore an alien world without the need of a planting another flag to an eventually defunct empire. To explore another society or country via a computer or TV screen is far better than burning kerosene in a plane to get a brief emotional high and a status entitling stint on an intercontinental fling. To be aware of another places existence should be more than enough to bring content, rather than striving for ever more at any cost.

With 7.6 Billion people on the planet as I write this, we don't need 7.6 Billion people all seeing the Mayan Pyramid first hand – to do so is to bludgeon the planet for such a meaning less feat. In the process of experiencing directly, we would destroy what made it so great to begin with. We should not ignore that our brutal and inefficient ways of living cannot be sustained all because we wanted another fast car, faster phones or Melons in the Winter. To be content and subtle is a wonderful way to live.

It is the irrationality of people to stand against the ideas of being more sensitive. We would rather ignore issues or fight against the consequences than try and reduce our impact that we directly brought on ourselves. Humanity is trying to fight Karma itself and it will lose. If you drop a glass cup and it shatters, we soon use a plastic cup rather than admit we where responsible for dropping the cup in the first place. The glass cups just did what it does, it did not judge the handler. It was the one handling it that should be responsible for the actions. When the world pushes back against us then we end up fighting it even though, we did it.

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