Conflict is life. Without it, we would not be here. Without it, we would not be who we are. Preoccupied with ourselves in order to create. To that degree, it is also why the question of "Why is there war?" is one that we will never have an answer or a solution for. For conflict is the nature of the world, the universe, it is when two sets of limits interact with each other and without it there would be nothing. When you see the light bouncing off a pool of water, it is the conflict between those two elements that allow you to see it. If there were entirely mutual then they would merely meld and never let go. If nothing happens afterwards then it might as well have never happened at all. In the same way if you do not see a future then there may as well not be a present or a past.

It is these conflicts that occur on a scale that we usually do not comprehend that allows anything to happen. And yet on a higher scale it is how most live their daily lives act. The internal conflict that drives people to create, be it art, buildings, mathematics or essentially anything - it all comes from the urge to escape doing nothing. To try and make conflict in the world with entirely well meaning intentions.

When people fight with each other it is the world trying to resolve itself in the most organic and non-intellectual manner possible - I say non-intellectual but that is merely on a symbolic level - it would be impossible to be non-intellectual on the scale of the universe.

It is the path of resistance that allows us to know the path of progress. If you try to swim against the flow of the river, you eventually understand were the river is going. Conflict is seen as a negative in our modern western thinking as the structure of our world is desperately trying to keep us in comfort at all times. And yet this is similar to the legend of Siddhartha Gotama. The young prince living in a castle with all his possible needs, wants and desires taken care of, and yet it provided no joy to him. It was only once he left the castle and discovered the pain and misery of the outside world, the conflict between pleasure and pain, that he figured out the path towards being at peace with the world. With out that push back, there would have never been a chance to make such an insight.

Conflict can be a tool for good if used wisely but it is also something to be feared. It is those that use conflict in a manner impose on the world what they see as ‘good’ that is when it can be used for nothing more than pure evil.

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