Edwin Abbott Abbott in 1884 wrote the book 'Flatland : A Romance of Many Dimensions'. It is a book that focuses on creatures that live in a two dimensional space. The main character is a square that dreams of going to the land of one dimension. What ends up happening is that they discover the third dimension in which a cube passes through the two dimensional space and presents itself in a fashion that is not seen before. It is a shape that changes and moves in way previous thought impossible and yet there it is. It is such a fascinating idea and one that leads you to ponder. What would it look like if a four dimensional being were to transcend into three dimensional space? What if this is already happening and it is a part of can lead to folks encountering/believing in various paranormal or unexplained events. They could appear and move in ways unimaginable and yet to those causing them to happen, it would be entirely rational, it would just be our limited senses and mental capabilities that cannot comprehend how it works.

To an Ant, their world could mostly be seen as being two dimensional. I don't mean that in terms of physics but more in how they interpret the world around them. They have no real need for depth and they can only see a few inches in front of them in any reliable fashion. And yet to us, we live in a three dimensional world and stand high above them, we can see the table they are walking across, the other side of the room, the mountain in the distance and far off galaxies that are entirely inconceivable to the ant and their perception.

What if there are 4D beings looking down on us in a similar fashion? That is they can see all of physical space and time all at once in the same way that we can see the universe around us in its glory compared to the ant. Note that this would be part sensory and part mental as to why we cannot do this.

There has been some concerns over the last few decades in regards to the brain and its capacity. That is to say that many have pondered if it is truly big enough to actually perform the tasks it does in the space provided. What if our (and all creatures) brains are 4D signal receivers. That is to say, they act like a TV set for consciousness. A TV doesn't create its content but it is needed to receive it. Maybe we need a brain to tap into the cosmic consciousness. In the same way that if a TV break then it stops working, if someone receives brain damage then it limits their abilities to receive the 4D signal. This would also somewhat explain the idea of reincarnation. The receiver can die but the main driving force (the soul is you will) is still going on as a part of the universe experiencing itself. As a new receiver comes along it can tap into the universal 4D space, that space can be a combination of previous receivers or even a split of previous receivers. It would be an explanation of past life experiences.

It is a wonderful idea to play with and one that I feel folks should at least entertain for a little bit.

I am not saying that this is true, not even close to it. But it is another way to look at the world other than in the put Newtonian physics model that is so popular in the modern world. We do not have all the answers and we are but a humble primate trying to understand the entire universe and beyond. We cannot assume that we have all the answers, this would be like denying the idea of radio waves back in the 16th century. This is an idea to play with but do not take it too seriously. It may have some truth to it or nothing at all.

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