April 2018 - Chaos an dconfusion

April 2018 - Chaos and Confusion

There is a very simple reason that the world is over run with a chaotic information space in a similar realm to conspiracy theories. There are genuine conspiracies, don't get me wrong; The Watergate scandal in the 1970's is the perfect example of how these things work in the real world but it is not something that many theories are focusing on. They are typically of the highest order of grand concepts and ideas. Big plays of fantasy rather than being griped by reality.

There are several reasons why people develop and accept these ideas. Trying to hold on to their vision of how the world works and having a sense of self grandeur and the idea of social status.

Most people have a set model of how the world functions, this is a reasonable idea to have. You get up in the morning because the sun has risen again once ever 24 hours. Breakfast is available and you know the traffic will be terrible on the way into work. At work, everyone gets along, your friends are nice, the clock keeps working, the supermarkets are full of food etc. We build up a personal model of how the world functions, it is reliable and dependable. The ball bounces, the bird sings. This is useful to us, it allows us to make assumptions and perform better in the world. Rather than merely trying to figure out everything every time it happens, we build a 'personal standard model'. It allows us to grow in terms of people, creation and society and when other produce a similar model to you then we get along with each other.

While changes to this model can happen over time, there are events (typically broadcast via TV/Internet) that stand out and challenge this model. It could be a major terrorist event, a political win you were not expecting or a serious accident. Things that are abnormal and are in spite of the personal standard model. This is what big media companies thrive on, it keeps people glued to the various formats as it plays to peoples fears that they 'could be wrong'.

Some people will accept the new model, others will simply realise that most of these events and similar such things will never impact them, some however try to fit these events into their current model – this is the catalyst for conspiracy theories.

It is a sort of mental padding, and invention of the ego. Designed to promote the self as being the highest authority and to designate others to being mere "sheeple". It is typically used to set the individual as being a higher standing than others because they feel they have the inside track on events. It is to them, a way to get a one up on the universe and show that they are completely know exactly how everything works – and that simply cannot be done. It is the idea that if something outrageous and wild happens again then they will be prepared for it, even somewhat proud that they managed to anticipate the potential of these occurrences. This is why on the internet in particular you can find literally millions of people who are prophesy laden and a creatively explanatory nature about how the world is and where it is going.

I understand where they are coming from in trying to explain away events that appear to us as random, it is our minds trying to comfort ourselves. To keep the model in line so as to not go insane. But in some of these online dens you can throw a rock and hit hundreds of Nostradamus impersonators simply so they can be comforted.

Now then, if I go around talking like this it can make it feel like I am pushing for my own personal model and you would be right but only partially. I am not pushing it, merely broadcasting it – you do not have to adopt anything I say, this is merely entertainment. This whole sit is simply an expression of a single point of view, in that I cannot act in this fashion without having an expressive force. Like the desire to do away with desire, trying to do anything to achieve that is futile. The action of in action is the highest goal and this site is not that.

I must emphasise, I am not saying that I know how things work. Quite the contrary. I do not promote model but an anti-model. Nothing that can be followed but merely a point of view that cannot be defined. That being that there is no order to the state of man kind. The idea that now matter how hard you try to grasp a concept that it is truly knowledgeable, there are two sides to every story and multiple points of view. Even the smallest detail when scrutinised can become a giant game of Roshamon. You can only look straight at something and that they means is so vague that it can be difficult to define.

It is impossible to hold both sides equally and to try and do so is to try and grasp onto that which cannot be held. I feel this is part of why people are experiencing so much anxiety nowadays, there are so many points of view to everything and so much potential information on multiple events that there is no way to possibly get a simple 'personal standard model' to form any more. We just make it ever more complex to try and hold onto it. This has simply feed an ever increasing chaotic nature of the universe. If any thing, life and higher thinking has done a wonderful job of carrying universal entropy into a whole new realm. Maybe that is the idea of life itself – to merely be a means of inducing additional chaos into an already form less and erratic existence.

To do away with this model is not a good idea personally, to do that would be to throw the baby out with the bath water. But to do away with a COMPLEX 'personal standard model' could be a means of not so much countering this but merely accepting it. To go crazy or you will go insane. And what if one where to give up either voluntarily or unconsciously? Firstly, I do not believe that either can be done independently. The conscious mind has to direct the boat, the innate intuitive self has to blow the sails. To simply remove the personal model and replace it with total acceptance of chaos is a way to really swing with the universe. It is to have the floor of your room suddenly drop out from under you and into an endless fall into the void. To try and grasp on will only induce stress of what has passed. To go with it and just fall, that is to embrace the innate state of the universe. To embrace life rather than fight it. And fight it the ego likes to do because in a state of endless falling; The ego is uses and will die.

This month Stephen Hawking died and I saw suggested that we should end every article with a realistic sentiment based on his work, I won’t do it every month but I will today. Just remember that the universe will eventually break down into a cold void of radiation and nothingness. So enjoy your self today because everything will end in time.

Stand in the pines when the wind blows and a universal song will play. It does not play for you, it merely plays and you are there. Back to Index