How Much?

How Much?

People, as always, are very strange but in the most wonderful way possible. From our little bubble in the universe we are the only creature that is absolutely obsessed with the measurement of everything. As soon as we broke away from the standard flow of nature via agriculture we started to obsess on the obscure.

How far it that thing? How heavy? How old? How big? How long?

This has two sides to it. On one hand it is the beginning of a potentially societal wide anxiety, that we start to create a means of 'standardising' things. Rather than just accept the world for the chaos it is could now define how we THINK it should be - this has probably caused more damage and pain than anything else we could have possibly concocted before. How can an ideology exist if it cannot be defined? Why would people go to war if they can not argue for what they think is right? People that say "it is meant to be this way" are usually the ones that will have the ability - no matter how well meaning - to drag man kind into oblivion.

But then there are those people that just do it because the joy of measuring.

How far? That far – neat.

What kind of a star is that? Wow, that is wonderful.

How heavy is that rock? That much you say! Incredible.

How big is the void? Don't know, that is okay.

The joy of just being able to experience it all. To measure things is just a fun little game that we can participate in. To take this little game and make neat things out of it is just the added bonus. By that, people who measure and do things just for the sake of doing it, they improve the world but without trying to force it the improvement. To make an observation or a machine that others can take and run with. A knife in itself imposes nothing, the act of use it does.

To be more sensitive and measure things is a wonderful this for people to do. It is going with the universe and to just be passive in this mode is an excellent way for people to exist.

I hope we can doing it without letting our egos turn it into something nasty.

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