The Yin and Yang of inequality

The Yin and Yang of inequality

Yin and Yang is a concept that I have found to universally be true. In all good there is a little evil – in all evil there is a little good. For there to be good then evil must also come and that to have one will eventually lead to the other.

One of the key points that almost all people understand but rarely think about is that money is nothing more than a symbol. It is merely a token that represents a goods or a service. For every dollar there is – a physical entity must be accompanied by it. With out that exchange this is it worthless. Like how saying the word “fire” doesn't warm the room, money doesn’t create wealth.

With that in mind; There have been many calls over the years to produce a solution to the issue of inequality. On an innate emotional level I completely agree. Wealth in most countries is skewed too far towards the rich and it is an issue that needs to addressed. The system or at least the way the people have been manipulated by the few to allow the massive imbalance, is something that will only lead to further strife as those that struggle to get by. As they feel like they deserve a better life style or even worse on an emotional level – feel like they do not deserve it. To be treated as an under dog. I am not proposing some akin to a communistic approach, to flatten all mountains and raise all valleys is to turn the world into a living hell.

But there is the issue of when the economics of money finally have to represent the physical goods.

If one is a billionaire then it is a fair assessment that to accumulate that wealth is on the back of destructive practices – be it psychological or ecological. But there is the potential for this damage to also be inflicted on the consumption of this money. This is where Yin meets Yang. Someone who has the wealth to live a hundred lives in luxury also axiomatically limits a hundreds lives of resource usage from occurring. Despite having the means to order a million chicken meals and a thousand cars, that they cannot actually do this and is some small way this is a good thing. A little bit of good in evil. It is an unintended restriction that prevents ecological suicide from taking place. In that they are merely a human like everyone else means they directly can only do so much.

That they do not spend their money is a good thing. It also illustrates just how imbalanced the economy is relative to actual capital assets.

This situation is one that is very difficult to negotiate and one that I do not have any easy answers to.

At the core of all revolutions is to tear down structure and re-allocate resources. I am not in favour of major revolutions of this nature. Especially if they are violent. Unless everyone – including those that are the wealth targets - are on board with the new structure then it is destined to fail. It is the most difficult revolution that needs to take place, a mental revolution. Where the core beliefs and tenants of society change, one where both those craving reduce their needs and those with the wealth do the same. I know this is wishful thinking at best, a work of fiction for the most part but it is the only way that anything of this nature would stick.

To have their wealth redistributed in this fashion is to also force the money to exist in a physical sense. This is not necessarily a bad thing however, money is just a tool, a token; and it is up to citizens to use it wisely. In the current state of society this wealth would most likely be used to buy into the excesses of modern western consumption culture. To ride the dragon into hell and burn through the remaining natural resources of the planet.

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