About the Author

About the Author

I am just someone who has a bit of time to think about the world and decided to put some of these thoughts out into the digital ether. Based in Melbourne, Australia I am very much an unassuming person. Not particularly smart, not dumb but just another voice in the ever growing crowd. I do not suggest that I know everything or even how the world should be run. Consider me as a self-though "Philosopher", I learned from the world not from a class room. For better or worse. I will make mistakes as everyone does; it is the consistence of man kind. Please do not take my words as being entirely important, they are not. This is merely entertainment. If you see something more in it then you can investigate on your own terms. At times it might appear to be a bit alarmist or a bit bit misguided - just remember these stories are told to you by a fool and not by a claimed prophet.

Don't assume you or anyone know best. Don't impose on others your will. Try to love everyone. That which you do not understand, is opportunity to learn and grow.

The name 'Wisdom of the wild' is very much a representation of my world view. For all that man kind has achieved, it is our incessant drive to control nature that will ultimately lead to our down fall. Rather than working with the world around us to better both, we would rather exercise hubris and try and dominate everything.

A rock doesn't impose on anything else, it merely is. A dear doesn't try and control the environment in which it lives, it just exists with in it. If it runs out of food, it dies. It doesn't try and conquer the planet trying to out run the void.

Those that exist in a wild state merely 'are'. They are just a continuation of the universe. Another fold in the waves of the big bang. They do not stop to worry and obsess about futures unrealised but ever imaginable. They just dig life and flow with it.

In innate wisdom that flows through out the universe. If life is destined to die, then so be it. Fighting it however will only cause more misery than good in the long run.

We should still strive for a better world but not be so egotistical in our abilities. To do away with the arrogance that we are above a universe of which we are entirely a part of.

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