Why is this site so bare?

Why is this site so bare?

There are several reasons why this website looks and operates the way it does.

Firstly is simply an emotional call back to a simpler era of the Internet. No scripting, no images - no worries! The written word has to carry the site, not some flashy interface. Words are all I have to make my case.

Having a simple site like this has several advantages.

While this site is hand coded in GNU Nano, any plain text editor will do the job equally as well. If I am stuck on a Windows based computer I will use Notepad++ to gain some of the advantages of the word look up-suggestion feature. With no dependence on complex software I am free to move around to the most relevant software and computer system I can find. This means the site is merely a series of HTML files, this allows me to move it to any server platform available - there is no content management system or scripting to add complexity. It the server can serve files then this site will work without systemic faults.

You will notice that I do NOT have HTTPS functionality, I have done this as there are no interactive functions on this site that requires user input - thus giving away any personal information. Even so it would be nice to have this level of encryption simply to obscure the users browsing habits but there is an exception that I have accommodated. HTTPS requires a constantly updated and monitored development state to keep up with the encryption technology and certificate requirements. There are many web browsers outside of the major 3 (Edge, Chrome and Firefox) that are typically available and many of them fall outside of the requires specifications. A lot of them either do not support HTTPS or are no longer supported by the developers and thus cannot read HTTPS certificates. Without this restrictions - even a web browser from the early 90's can render this website.

Another advantage of this is the screen readers have absolutely no problem with finding the relevant text. There are no frames of scripts to obscure various elements. Open up any file you get form this site in an editor and you will not find anything obscure or highly technical. The site uses about a dozen plain HTML functions, most of them relate to text and link properties.

While it would be nice to have a content management system for this site, I just do not find it necessary. Programs like WordPress while impressive do not always play nice with every system. We have become some what complacent and yet demanding in what we want our computers to do, especially on the Internet, and the more software based structure we implement the more chance it has for failure.

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